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I had no idea I would be writing about womanhood, motherhood or menopause if you'd ask me 10 years ago. I was still working for a global company that required me to travel most of the time. Some months I was spending more time travelling than being at home.

I thought my body would keep up with my demanding career.  I had various wake up calls, which I I ignored. Finally I've had a premature menopause at age 32. Yet, I kept pushing my body to act "normally", I suppressed my sadness and vulnerability. And finally one day, my body said "Enough!"

I just couldn't escape my emotions any more. The more I connected, the more life around me made sense. I connected with other women as well who are going or went through early menopause as well. 

I am still making time to connect with women who are feeling alone and thinking they are the only ones going through early menopause and feeling they have no one else who could understand them. So please drop a line if you're going through a similar journey, I'm always grateful for your messages. 💙

Also if you are a medical expert and talking to women about early menopause, please feel free to reach out to me. I'm happy to make time to discuss the best way of talking to women about early menopause.

With Love,


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